This is an overview for the Business Statistics Course.

You will be able to click on the tutorials and individual lessons from the main screen.

This course will take you through 17 lessons, has 6 Excel tutorials available, and
the Consultant for Hire role-playing environment.

Pre-requisite software for your computer is:
- Excel 2003 or 2007,
- a browser like Internet Explorer version 6 or higher,
- ability to play FLASH content in your browser or Windows Media Player files

The Consultant for Hire section is an immersive role-playing Web environment
where you are the consultant, solving statistics opportunities at various businesses.

The main screen shows a graphic with a circle in the middle, showing the various work
activities that you would be involved in when working with Business Statistics.
They are Measure, Describe, Analyze, Predict, and Judge. The 17 lessons will take you
through these activities, learning about statistical techniques, interpreting results,
types of charts and graphics that are useful parts of descriptive and inferential statistics.

The main screen is your launch pad for all activities in this course.